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Miss Anthrope, if you're nasty
Liking cats better than people for over a decade
It's fun to make commitments, and then change my mind. 
18th-Jun-2012 07:09 pm

Sometimes I sort of play around with the idea of starting a blog, and then I think, "Why in the world would I do that?".
I don't have much of interest to say, in the first place, but let's be realistic...it would end up being just one more thing that I intended to maintain and then forgot about, and then remembered now and then just often enough to feel guilty about not maintaining it.

In other news, Iron Maiden is in town for a concert on Saturday.  Way back in the early days they had some songs that I came to learn and love, mostly because the boys I was interested in loved them.  I don't even have any of their music on my iPod now, because I guess I have turned an old, fickle, crotchety corner where that music just doesn't appeal to me anymore.  But, when I found out about the concert, I was with Charles, made the mistake of blurting it out as I read it on Facebook, and then somehow agreed to go to this concert with him.  Tickets were purchased literally within 10 minutes.

I don't really drink, but I still think I must have been drunk when I agreed to that.  They are playing at an outdoor arena, in June, and I don't love being hot.  The crowd will surely be comprised mostly of people who enjoy smoking and drinking lots of beer, and throwing themselves around in headbangey loops to the music.  That's fine for them, but that is so not my thing that I can't even find the words to properly describe exactly how much that's not my thing. 

So I was like, look, I'm sorry to do this to you Charles, but I shouldn't have said I would go to the concert.  I will hate every stinking minute of the whole thing, and that's not fair to you.  I would only want to take two big blankets (and possibly some pillows) and spread them out on the lawn in the very farthest back area where the least people wil be, and then I would want to sit down the whole time reading my Kindle, and then maybe take a nap.  Otherwise, I will just be sweaty, buttfaced and thinking how much I wish I could turn a hose on everyone around us, smokers first.  And that's not fair to anyone.  That's a place where people are SUPPOSED to get sweaty, drunk and smoke their faces off if they want to.  That's a place where people like me should just not ever go on a night that Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden are performing, because the whole thing is just a perfect storm of circumstances that turn me from a laid back person to a high maintenance complainey witch.  No one wants that.

Charles said that if I sat on a blanket reading my Kindle at an Iron Maiden concert, he would definitely get his ass beaten by someone who had a problem with it.  "STAND UP, BITCH!  THIS IS IRON MAIDEN AND THEY DESERVE YOUR RESPECT!!!!"  "No thanks, I would rather read my book.  Carry on, though, don't let me stop you from enjoying yourself!"  "I'm gonna kick the SHIT out of your HUSBAND for that!!!!"

So now he is trying to find someone to go with him...someone who knows more than 2 of their songs, someone who thinks jumping about amongst sweaty, drunk people that wave around lit cigarettes with reckless abandon is big fun.  Strangely, he is not finding any takers.  If he can't get another date, I'm going to have to go, because I can't make him go alone after I said I would join him.  I wonder if it's too late to find a stranger on Craigslist to be his companion? 

Oh, and I had to hit edit and come back to add this, which I guess is because it is somehow less on my mind than possibly, maybe starting and failing at blogging, but after 19.5 years working for the same company, I made the decision last week that it is way past time for me to get the eff out, so I told Charles, I told my Dad, and I told my Uncle Chris that I have 6 months to get myself on a new path, because the new, horrible computer system goes live on January 1st, and I don't care to be here for one minute of it.  Telling them makes it real and official.  I already hate my job, have gotten to the point that I pretty much hate the guts of everyone I work with, and I know for a fact that things will not ever get better here, but are guaranteed to get infinitely worse, so...it's time.  I don't even care what I do next as long as it's not what I do now.  I'm over commuting 100 miles round trip, too.  OVER IT ALL!!!!!!  So there is a very real chance that in 6 months we will be super broke and making our dog share her food with us, but in the grand scheme, I will be healthier for it.  I value what's left of my sanity too much to let these jerks have the rest of it.

19th-Jun-2012 09:45 pm (UTC)
1. Iron Maiden is a completely justifiable case of mind-changing. I mean...really. It's Iron Maiden.

2. Oooh! Good luck on the job-change. It sounds like you're doing the absolute best thing for you, which is awesome and brave.
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