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Miss Anthrope, if you're nasty
Liking cats better than people for over a decade
Please to be enjoying these album covers.  I found them greatly… 
21st-Sep-2009 04:54 pm
Faux Paw

Please to be enjoying these album covers.  I found them greatly amusing:


It won't stop raining here.  People have died in the floods.  Trees are falling.  Canopies over gas station pumps are collapsing under the weight of the water.  Trailer homes, buses and cars are being swept into rivers and streams like pine needles.  This is serious business.

My dog recently had surgery - lost two toes and part of her foot, had a mass removed from her eyelid, and also had a swollen lymph node removed.  She is Frankendog, all covered in stitches and shaved in weird places.  Her go-home bandage was Tiffany blue, but today she got a new bandage, and I hear that it's black.  I'm calling it her formalwear, but it might not be as fancy as I imagine it is.

While two of the sutured areas are fine so far, the vet said her foot isn't doing as well as they had hoped -  it's greatly inflamed and red where the stitches are, and the smell is notsogood.  She suspects that the bandage and splint being "much too tight" caused these problems,  which makes me so fucking mad, because that means for 4 days our girl was suffering more than she needed to, and we had no idea.  I've had bandages on too tight before, and said, "OW, TOO TIGHT!" and adjusted them.  It makes me ill to think about her feeling that way for days, and not being able to do something about it.  

Also, we were told to never, ever, ever, EVER let the bandages get wet, which has been challenging in this weather to say the least, considering that she has no choice but to go out and pee while standing in puddles.  But, we managed to keep that foot dry, only to find out that while she was in a cage after surgery at the vet's office for a day and a half, they did not have the bandages covered, and she peed all over them.  Which was why the bandages smelled like pee.  Which we thought was just that rubbery smell that you get with latex stuff, but no...it was pee.  And when Charles asked if getting pee on her bandages the day of or after surgery, and not having the bandages changed was a major problem, the vet said no.  Which is weird, considering how I was told to pretty much fly her by helicopter to the nearest emergency vet this weekend if her foot got wet at all, with water.  Doesn't pee sound like a worse thing to get on bandages than water?  Am I crazy, here?  I know "they" say that urine is sterile, but really, that's only while it's still in the bladder.  Once it's out, Germ City.  But it's probably fine.  Since it's the vet's fault, it shouldn't cause her any problems.  

This dog had better be okay, or heads will roll.  We have to wait for biopsies to come back, and all I want to hear is "Cancer Free!  YAY!" so that I don't have to go all Cujo on someone's ass.  Her fascinating and riveting journey through surgical recovery is being captured here, if anyone cares to see something as exciting as a dog wearing a bandage, and napping a lot:   


I love her stupid, y'all.

22nd-Sep-2009 01:52 am (UTC)
helps when i look at the pictures: hind foot and it doesn't look like there's a slpint. if you're worried, it wouldn't hurt to use a sling. just fold or roll a towel the long way and run it under her belly to provide support for her hind quarters to keep that foot from bearing too much weight. our little guys and gals bounce back much faster than we do, but even then feet can take a long time to heal.

side note: the rain is getting tiresome isn't it? my poor sinuses are trying to heal from a bad cold and the rain is NOT helping, plus all the road closings, collapsed roads and brindges, not to mention deaths. ugh! and it's still not quite over yet.
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