Miss Anthrope, if you're nasty

Liking cats better than people for over a decade

Lisa E.
18 October 1969
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abandoned places, animals, arrested development-the show, art, autumn, bad hairdos, beaches, beagles, bitching, black & white soup, blue drinks and food, brick and stone houses, built-in bookcases, cabins, cats, cemeteries, cirque du soleil, classical music, cleanliness, complaining, cookies, cooking, coziness, crockpot cooking, daydreaming, decorating, delicious recipes, disneyworld, drawing, dysfunction, eating, ebay, family guy, fangs, fires in fireplaces, fireworks, food, garage sales, ghost stories, giving gifts, h & d pears, hibachi cooking, hiding from my neighbors, holiday decorations, hot apple cider, iced coffee, indifference, inside of houses, internet, ipod, japanese horror movies, jeeps, jenna fischer, kate winslet, kathy griffin, keane, killing spiders, laughing, lazy sunday, literature, live - the band, making things, manicures, marital relations, marshmallow peeps, mockumentaries, movies, music, nature, new bedding, new beetles, nicolas cage, nostalgia, ocd, old houses, organization, p. f. chang's, paper crafts, patty griffin, peace and quiet, pets, photography, psychiatry, raising arizona, reading, really funny stuff, sandra bullock, sarcasm, scary things, scene it, scoffing, shocking things, shredding, sleeping, snood, snorkeling, spinal tap, sushi, swimming, sytycd, taking pictures, tasty morsels, television, the '80s, the iron giant, the ocean, the office, tmbg, toad the wet sprocket, true crime, twop, understanding things, vacations, why people suck, wii, xm radio, yankee candles